I've got a concussion

and now what?


Welcome to my website!10420277_10152034322152161_6749174179113488055_n

This website was created to build a bridge between what your doctor / GP says and how you deal with a concussion / symptoms in practice. Because how do you do it?

  • How do I get through my days?
  • How do you ‘get some rest’?
  • How do I explain to family / friends how I feel?
  • How do I build up my study / work hours?
  • How do I know that I have fully recovered?

Unfortunately I have suffered 4 concussions during sports since 2004. Three times playing field hockey and once while skiing (concussion + whiplash). I have been all accross the Netherlands and Belgium for help and examinations: doctors have at various times called it a burn-out, concussions, overreacting, whiplash, ADHD, brain injury, etc. The good news is that by now I have fully recovered!

Here you can find everything I know and have learned. I maintain this site together with volunteers and other people who have experienced concussions. We intend to gradually update this website so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

This website will also function as a platform for guestbloggers. Every concussion is different and I hope that the stories speak for what people are experiencing.

Love and best of luck,


Disclaimer – Anyone reading this should realize that this website is NOT managed by medical professionals. Hence the information on this website should not be considered as medical advice. In case of symptoms it is crucial to always consult a doctor first.

Since 10 October 2016 I have founded the Dutch Concussion Foundation together with a peer. Here you can find further information (in Dutch) about concussions and post concussion syndrome.