I've got a concussion

and now what?

Checklist symptoms

Do I have a concussion? Or whiplash? I don’t feel OK…

Did you have a traffic accident or bump your head? Did you experience a blow to your body while playing a sport?


  • Mental: difficulty focussing, memory loss, confusion, a bit like feeling drunk.
  • Emotional: you feel irritated, angry, down or like crying; in other words you feel emotionally instable.
  • Physical: headaches, pressure on your head, nausea or even vomitting, issues with balance / vertigo, dizzyness, sensitivity to light and / or sound
  • Unusual feelings: extremely awake or very tired / sleepy

Do you have some of these symptoms? Stop what you’re doing and first visit a doctor.

Further, scientific consensus is now that a knock out is not required for a concussion.

Many doctors / GPs have in the past learned otherwise and therefore may doubt about calling something a concussion when you did not go KO.

Multiple concussions

In case you suffer from another concussion following your first, additional problems may occur.

Multiple concussions in athletes is a hot topic, especially in the US, as research has shown consecutive concussions can have serious consequences. These consequences may include increased incidence of Parkinson, Alzheimer or even ALS. http://brainconnection.brainhq.com/the-impact-of-contact-sports/

source: Loveyourbrain.com

Disclaimer – Anyone reading this should realize that this website is NOT managed by medical professionals. In case of symptoms it is crucial to always consult a doctor first.


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